Blade of Green

Song Description

A strong ballad that offers hope beyond sight.

Song Length 4:35 Genre Blues - Gospel
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Hope
Language English


We all hear laughter at our backs
One time of another, but Mama,
What?s the matter with me?
He says I don?t know how to look down the road,
I saw his taillights streaming down there ?
And just then I disagreed.

CHORUS) So why is all the bad stuff
So really easy to believe
Save this fool from herself, charity.
I cried my garden ain?t dead,
There below all the grey,
My defiant blade of green.

Strings of grey days rise and stand,
Chide and whisper, how?s it feel
That you got none there to hold your hand?
All my hope and my old faith,
Just a fly between the pages
Of a book this fool put down long time ago ?


His disapproval comes calling
With a voice much like thunder,
How I wish I had the strength to disagree.
Dear Loard, judge me tenderly,
This relentless frailty
Is the last thing put its arms around me?


Lyrics Erin Burkett Music Erin Burkett
Producer Erin Burkett Publisher Erin Burkett
Performance Erin Burkett and the Mean Reds Label Moondog Records
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