Long Walk Home

Song Description

A poignant and personal account of regaining hope and spirit after a series of bad decisions. (Instrumental at head of song)

Song Length 6:54 Genre Rock - Religious
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Disgust
Language English


A few wrong turns
I don?t mind talkin? about tonight
That man called me a hypocrite,
But I?m too damned tired to fight.
So this, my solitary flight
Came on crashing to the ground,
Thought all my friends had long gone home
But Jesus stuck around ?

Now I?m tired of wishes, empty of dreams ?
I spent them all like cash in nasty bars.
We all look good in soft focus,
But the mirror ain?t so kind
The way it tell me I might have strayed too far

CHORUS) You know I?m thinking ?bout
Looking skyward, looking up
To the friend I used to know.
Went out for a Sunday Drive
And that ride left me with such a
Long walk home ?

The loudest voice comes from a pig-headed fool,
Wine and whiskey pickle the truth.
You?ve got a fine way of not remembering
Baptizing only works when you want it to ?


This endurance test of innocence
Builds shaky dreams into days and years
Pride is smaller than kindness
But I?ve seen so much more pride
Oh Lord, can you toss me a coat?
I said it?s cold out here ?

Trace the tired lines of a pensive face
Lost my footing, fell from grace ?
If you want to go down, I mean really go down,
The ditch will meet you half way


Lyrics Erin Burkett Music Erin Burkett
Producer Erin Burkett Publisher Erin Burkett
Performance Erin Burkett and the Mean Reds Label Moondog Records
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