Forty Days in the Desert

Song Description

A delta blues tinged gospel hybrid which expresses both spiritual and relational struggles.

Song Length 4:19 Genre Blues - Gospel
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Spirituality
Language English


Forty days in the desert
Forty nights there too
Forty days and forty nights
Wasted crying about you
Say you want to leave?
Go on, go. Just leave a couple smokes
I said the longer I go on,
The less I know.

Last bit of sunlight creeps on in
Edging the remnants of my friend
We wound up flailing in the darkness
Then got short changed on the promise
That we?d see the promised land.

CHORUS: But don?t take me off your heart old man,
Though you frown on what I?m not,
Disapprove of what I am.
Forty days in the desert
There?s no mercy round the bend
Think its time I learned when to say when.

Been looking for Jesus every place
But only found new lines on my face
I?d always hoped for what was right,
But forty days and forty nights
Whistled while they toted my hope away ?


So is there a prayer for me or you?
You?re scowling and drunk on the far side of the room.
But I got some angels over there,
They?re sure making lots of noise ?
Guess I got you and the good Lord confused.


Lyrics Erin Burkett Music Erin Burkett
Producer Erin Burkett Publisher Erin Burkett
Performance Erin Burkett and the Mean Reds Label Moondog Records
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