The Hare's Lament

Story Behind The Song

folk tale in the celtic style.

Song Description

The chase of the rabbit from the rabbits perspective...

Song Length 3:38 Genre World - Celtic, Folk - Traditional


The Hare's Lament

On the first of November on a bright autumn day
to the hills of Dromina I chanced for to stray,
I was feeding on green grass, the cloves on yon ground
when my heart was set a beating by the bay of the hound.

Musha right tally-ho, hark ye over hi ho
hark ye over cries the huntsmen
hark ye over hi ho x2

Well they hunted me up and they hunted me down
the bold huntsmen of Scotland, on the trails said the hound
Over highlands and lowlands, moorlands also
Over hedges and ditches, like the wind I did go

There was Rebel and Rabble that gave me a close brush
When they finally did find me it was in a rush bush
For better or worse, I know I must die,
But I do my endeavor, those hounds to defy
Chorus x 2

Now I must die, and I know not the crime
For the value of sixpence, I ne'er harmed mankind
I ne'er was brought up for to rob or to steal
Except for the droppings and the tops of green kale
Chorus x 2

Then up steps the huntsman, to end all my strife
Saying,"let the hare go give her play for her life,
be it far better, you kill Reynard the fox
who ate all your chickens and never got caught"
Chorus X 2

Arrangement: Joe Podlesny
Recorded at Avocet Studios, Mass
Lead Vocal: Delta
Guitars: Joe Podlesny
Whistle: Tom Byrns
Bass: Joe Podlesny
Keyboard: Joe Podlesny

Beautifully done. The paradox is the Vocals bringing joy and the flute work at times, sounding the haunting. Pro production. Love it.

Very professional sounding right away. Love the instrumentation.. the track sounds very full and recorded extremely well. If you are using samples they are very good. The string sound and placement in the mix is amazing. This piece captured not only the essence of a culture and maybe a period in time, a pride... it also captured my attention and respect. Song is very well constructed with a ton of great ideas and performances. Amazing 3/4 rhythm with some tricky phrasing... you're singin my tune! I loved it!

a very nice celtic track , musically its great throughout the track. the vocals are also great. nice melody and performance
folk at its best. enjoyable track with a story which appeals

Loved this song. Could tell right from the start I was going to like this. Great melody, especially in the chorus. Instrumentation is fabulous, with rich and authentic-sounding Celtic instruments. Enchanting vocals. Such a great blend of sounds with a top-notch production. Excellent work by all !

world-class and impeccable arrangement that transports the listener into a magical, medieval playground, a true feast for the ears and imagination. storytelling at its finest, indeed.

Lyrics Traditional Music Joe Podlesny
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/music arranger Joe Podlesny Label Avocet studio
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