Old Tomlin

Song Description

girl wants boy, girl goes to find boy, girl gets boy all in story form. also has the fairy realm

Song Length 7:27 Genre World - Celtic, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Charming, Content Subject Life, Shyness
Similar Artists Joan Baez, Loreena McKennitt Language English
Era 1700 - 1799



Oh all ya ladies young and gay
Who are so sweet and fair
Do not go into Chaster's wood
for Tomlin will be there

Fair Margaret sat in her bonnie bower
sewing her silk and seam,
and wished to be in Chaster's wood
among the leaves so green

She let the seam fall to her foot
the needle to her toe
and she has gone to Chaster's wood
as fast as she could go.

When she began to pull the flowers
she pulled both red and green
they by did come and by did go
said 'Fair maid let a bene'

Oh! Why pluck you the flowers lady?
Or why climb you the tree
or why come ye to Chaster's wood
with out the leave of me

Oh! I will pull the flowers she said
or I will break the tree
for Chaster's wood it is my own
I'll ask no leave at thee.

Then he took her by the milk white hand
and by the grass green sleeve
and laid her down upon the flowers
at her he asked no leave.

The lady blushed and sourly frowned
and she did think great shame
says "if you are a gentleman
you'll at least tell me your name?"

At first they called me Jack he said
then they called me John
but since I lived in the fairy court
Tomlin has always been my name

I was the laird of Foulis son
the heir of all his land
but the Queen of fairies rode on by
and took me for her own.

Listen well the morrow is Halloween
our fairy court will ride
through England and Scotland both
through all the world wide.

Through England and Scotland both
through all the world wide
and if that ye would me borrow
at Miles Moss ye must bide.

The only court that will come along
that's clad in robes of green
for it's the head court of them all
and in it rides the Queen.

And I upon a milk white steed
wjth a gold star in my crown
because I am an earthy man
I'm next the Queen in renown

You must seize upon me with a spring
then to the ground I'll fall
and then you'll hear a rueful cry
that Tomlin is away.

But hold me fast let me not go
then you'll have your hearts desire
so hold me fast, let me not go
for I'm father of you child.

And it's next night into Miles Moss
fair Margaret has gone
and presently a fairy band
came riding o'er the mound


Recorded at Avocet Studios Mass.
Music arrangement: Joe Podlesney
Lead Vocal: Delta Burnett Reed
Guitars: Joe Podlesney
Whistle: Tom Byrns
Bass: Joe Podlesney
Keyboard: Joe Podlesney

I love celtic music but don't listen very often. This has the classic feel and flow. I really enjoyed the melody. Great instrumentation. A real nice steady beat.

I love this kind of music. I could listen to you for hours! You have a beautiful voice which is only complemented by the stellar instrumentation in this song. Guitar, fiddle, pennywhistle, bodhran, It all sounded absolutely terrific. Nicely produced. Lovely harmonies. Are you singing your own harmonies? Tell me this is all "real" music and not a synthesizer.

Beautiful music and recording. The voice had a very natural quality that fits this song nicely. I enjoyed this very much!

Pretty opening. Nice flowing instrumentation and smooth vocals. Pleasant chordal progressions. Love the flute solos, lute/guitar and background strings. Sweet sounding vocal, nice vocal tone. Overall a good production and mix.

Lovely Celtic folk Song

Folk (English, Irish, American, etc.) music in the World all have a basic theme in common by telling a story with characters plus events & this one does the job well.

blazing harmonies. Great mix. I really like the instrumentation.

Lyrics Traditional Music traditional
Producer Joe Podnesley Publisher Joe Podlesney
Performance Delta Burnett Reed Label Avocet Studio, Mass.
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