500 Miles

Story Behind The Song

Love this song sung by Peter Paul and Mary....my cover of their song.

Song Description

Someone who leaves home and thinks they can't go back

Song Length 2:49 Genre Folk - Traditional


500 Hundred Miles
If you miss the train I'm on, you will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles,
A hundred miles, a hundred miles, a hundred miles, a hundred miles
You can hear the whistle blow, a hundred miles.

Lord I'm one, lord I'm two, lord I'm three, lord I'm four,
Lord I'm five hundred miles forom my home
500 miles, 500 hundred miles, 500 hungre miles, 500 hundred miles
Lord I'm 500 hundred miles from my home.

Not a shirt on my back, not a penny to my name
Lord I can't go on home this away
This away, this away, this away, this away
Lord I can't go a-home this away.

If you miss the train I'm on you will know that I am gone
you can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

Nice rendition. Hadn't heard this one in a while. Not the easiest vocal around either. Nicely sung! Nice mix. Could hear several influences but none overwhelmed you own take.

Very touching and beautiful cover of a really great song. Very enchanting voice and great arrangement and instrumentation only adds to the beauty.

You always pick such classics to cover and you do them justice every time! Very nice instrumentation on this one, so subtle, yet all encompassing and supportive to the warm vocal. Another gem.

Wonderful execution of an old classic. The rich,yet vulnerable voice is perfect for the song. It must be wonderful to have such an instrument 'built in'. This is a song that can be heard again and again. Good to keep it alive.

Shades of Mary Travers. Brings back memories. A lovely rendition of a classic song. I love the arrangement - the intro sets up the song beautifully. And the mandolin (I think it's a mandolin) in the background is a really nice touch.

A pleasant, well-paced version of an old favourite. Warm, sincere vocal with a tremolo that suits the song.

very relaxing, lovely voice, nice arrangement

Absolutely beautiful. I have a feeling I am listening to one of my friends, betcha I am right. If not, you sound just like her!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear this old song. Brings back a lot of memories....I don't know if any main stream radio stations would play it, but at one time they sure did. This rendition is superb and certainly matches-up well with all the past versions. I think the vocals are very good. The tone and feelings expressed convey the sadness. Really nicely done. Nice mandolin and guitar. Think I hear a harmonica too, or some other wind instrument. The mixture/arrangement is really smooth. To my ears, this is right up there with the Roseanne Cash version, which I think is as good as it gets.......The emotion in the vocals and sweet instrumentation really shines. Makes this song the sad and bittersweet tale that it is intended to be.

Lyrics Hedy West Music Trad?
Producer Joe Podlesny Publisher Joe Podlesny
Performance Delta Burnett Reed/music arranger Joe Podlesny Label Avocet studio
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