With Your Love (Ft. Kerri-Ann Lewis)

Story Behind The Song

It was one of those magic days when the song seemed to write itself...words and music in 30 minutes or so. It was obvious straight away that the song needed a genuine Reggae production. As a result I sought the services of Rickman Warren at Jamplified Records, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. The superb vocal is supplied by the talented Kerri-Ann Lewis

Song Description

A love song produced as pure Reggae.

Song Length 4:05 Genre World - Reggae/Caribbean, Pop - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Engaging, Content Subject General
Similar Artists Tanya Stephens Language English
Era 2000 and later


With your love, you kill me baby
With your love you bleed me dry
There was a time I would'd turn the light out
There was a time I would try to hide
With your love yeah
With your love

With your love you make me angry
With your love you take me high
There was a time I would run for cover
There was a time I would pass you by
With your love
With your love

You don't need to read my mind
I'm an open book, you know
You don't have to stand in line
You're invited to the show
You could make my life go fast
You could make my life go slow yeah

With your love, it's all or nothing
With your love it's a real fine line
There was a time when I was uncertain
There was a time I would start to cry
With your love
There ain't no day go by, ain't no day go by without your love

Beautiful work.. Catchy hook. Female vocal and harmonies right on the money.

I like the vocals and harmony. Great job.

Great harmony great sound great lyrics. This will go very far definitely radio friendly.

Sweet reggae music, this be! Positive lovers reggae stylee! She's a good singer, with a great backing vocal mix. I like the arrangement of this tune. It has just the right amount of dub wise, which is a must! This songs truly flows from the heart...One Love!

Lyrics David James Music David James
Producer Rickman Warren: Eng. Delroy Pottinger Publisher David James
Performance Vocal Kerri-Ann Lewis: Drums: Kirk Bennett Bass: Donald Dennis Keyboards: Rayon Smith Guitars: Robert Browne

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