New Guy From Portland

Story Behind The Song

I fell (I admit, unjustifiedly) in love with a woman in my home town of Boise, and then had a road trip to Jackson Hole, WY. The trip only lasted three days, and in that time she met and fell in love with this "new guy from Portland" who swept her off her

Song Description

Celtic-tinged folk-rock song about the right girl who picked the wrong guy

Song Length 4:24 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Frustration, Lost Love Similar Artists Counting Crows, The Crash Test Dummies
Language English Era 2000 and later


I'll admit I wasn't ready
Things got started wicked fast
But in that moment I first saw you
and you smiled and we talked and something told me this would last
But then I took a trip to Jackson
You burning bright inside my chest
And though maybe I was better than your last
You claim you found a guy who's bound to be your best

(chorus) Rianna can I make you understand
Your new guy from Portland, he's just bluffing
He's got nothing in his hand
And when he fades in days like I did
You'll be wishing you decided to place your bets on me
Instead of your new guy from Portland

Serendipity described it
The start of our drunken lovers' haze
I think Martians could've landed in the background
and still nothing could've torn me from your gaze
You were climbing up the charts, girl
With a bullet by your name
Then this guy from P-town swings in
And then he sinks his fangs in, I can't believe you bought his game


I know you were just the dealer
and he cut the deck so clean
I don't care if he's holding all the aces
You know you'll always be my queen

Driving out on this highway
Smoke and frustration cloud my sight
But in another twenty miles I'll be driving through the fire
like a Phoenix taking flight!
Yes, I'm heading out to Manzanita
With a bullet in my heart
But then it's up over the coastals and down to the ocean
Maybe make a brand new start


Lyrics Dan Costello Music Dan Costello
Producer Dan Costello Publisher Dan Costello
Performance Dan Costello Label Fromage Records (Dan Costello)
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