Find Child Hiding In You

Song Length 4:05 Genre Pop - General



When you're feeling down
Remember all your childhood dreams
When you've got a frown
Think of all those beautiful things

When your heart is filled with sadness
Let happy memories conquer loneliness ..oohh

Those fantasies
You create when you were a child
Will help you get over
Those desperate times

Remember the days, when you used to fly
You were a prince, you were a clown
Building castles in the sky

chorus :
Just find that child hiding in you
Climb those rainbows again
And sail to the moon
Sing that lullabye
Your mother used to sing for you
Just find that child, hiding in you

If you need a smile
And a moment to lift you up
Just close your eyes
Dream again and look back

Recall the happy days, when you used to run
With the wind, with the sun
Making wishes, dreaming on ...


Life can be cruel sometimes
But if you look with a childs eyes
You get to see a brighter side
Dancing days under the rain
Can smooth away all the pain
Think of all your childhood memories ...


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