Life In The Love Lane ( BenCan Songs )

Song Description

BenCan Songs (c) Words by; Rina Caniza Music by: Christine D. Bendebel

Song Length 4:14 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


Life In The Love Lane

Life, life, life in the love lane (2x)

I was driving
On a lonely avenue
Life wasn't exciting
Till the day that I bumped into you

Somethin' inside my heart
Told me to stop the car,
Roll down the window
And let my feelings overflow

I started smiling
When you made me see
That you were ready
To go a million miles with me

So, while I was waiting
For you to move my wheels,
I heard you saying
Nothing would change the way you feel

Life in the love lane
Is so new to me ( new to me )
Heartache highway's
Now a happy street ( happy street )
Life in the love lane
Has its highs and lows
But we won't end the trip
Even if we go
Over rocky roads

Life, life, life in the love lane (2x)

Now we're cruising
Over the bridge of smiles
So glad we're moving
Away from the street of sad goodbyes

But even if we break down
As we drive all over town,
We'll never run out of gas
This trip was made to last ...

repeat chorus

I can't deny that everytime we meet,
My heartbeat races to a higher speed
I just lose sight of all the traffic lights
When you move my heart
To go on emotion overdrive, hey!
repeat chorus 3x, fadeout

Lyrics Rina Caniza Music Christine Bendebel

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