When I Found You

Song Length 4:31 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


When I Found You
music & lyrics by: Christine Deptowicz Bendebel ©

It’s been awhile
I never did expect love to find me again
There were too many heartaches
That I want to forget
But you just opened up my heart

So many questions,
I just don’t want my heart to get broken
But you were there to assure my every hesitation
You gave me love,
You kept on giving me love

When I found you
I know I found a piece of heaven
When I found you
I know I’d fall in love again
When you came into my life that’s when I realized
When I found you (when I found you )
Love has found me too

I’ve stopped believin’
I thought that love was just here to deceive me
Until you gave me hope and lighted up my life
You showed me love
You gave me real love


So, this is how love should feel
It feels so good
It’s like a dream
I was lost and love just led me to you
I was so lonely until I found you …


Lyrics christine bendebel Music christine bendebel

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