Love Affair ( BenCan Songs )

Song Description

BenCan Songs (c) Words by; Rina Caniza Music by: Christine D. Bendebel

Song Length 4:32 Genre R & B - Classic



Forgive me if I'm cold
I can't believe what I've been told
You've been untrue
To me and you

Don't blame me if I leave
I can't take what I've seen
It breaks my heart
To see her in your arms

chorus 1:
I'm starting to cry
Cause the pain is more than I can bear
You're having a love affair
Get out of my life,
Forget all the feelings that we've shared
Go back to your love affair

You say you're not in love with her
But actions speak louder than words
You made yourself
Fall for someone else

It's pointless to pretend
Your love affair will end
Don't be surprised
If I say goodbye

Chorus 1

chorus 2:
I'm falling apart
You're starting to act like you never cared
You're lost in your love affair
I look in your heart
I see that the love's no longer there
It's all in your love affair

I feel so blue
I got fooled by a feeling
That isn't true

chorus 2
chorus 1
* * *

Lyrics Rina Caniza Music Christine Bendebel

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