Dream Perfect Night

Song Length 3:34 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


One Dream Perfect Night
Music& Lyrics by: Christine D. Bendebel ©

There’s something ‘bout this pale moonlight
It’s like a dream under a magical sky
Underneath the stars, I’ve got you with me
What a beautiful night this could be

I’ve got a love song playing in my head
Let’s slow dance just follow my lead
Stare into each others eyes,
Let this be a fantasy we can realize

Love song playing
In a cloud dream dancing
Amidst the moon and the stars
With gentle kisses
Heart beat races
This moment brings us a
One dream perfect night

If you could be here till the sun comes out
I’ll spend my whole day with you around
And that will be the time, I’ll tell you that I’m
So in love and I’ve never felt this way before


back-up: ( Love, song, dream ,heart, moon, stars, kiss, clouds )

chorus 2x

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