Love is Forever

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Real life experience.

Song Description

A love song written for my former husband Rick Krive. It was heartfelt in that I truly believed if you just hang in there, you can make it. We were married for 17 years, divorced in March of 2005...very sad.

Song Length 4:25 Genre R & B - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Relationship Similar Artists Anita Baker
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Love Is Forever (Robin Revier c 1999 ascap)

Isn't it lovely isn't it nice
Just to have you in my arms here tonight
Isn't it happy something so right
When love truly finally finds a home

Isn't it special something so rare
when you finally find someone who really cares
Nothing comes close to it nothing compares
When love truly finds a home

And darling love is forever
The choice is yours and mine
We can stay together
I ain't goin nowhere I'll be right by your side
Love is forever with you and I

I never dreamed you'd ever be
all that you've come to mean to me
Go on take my hand I'm lost in you
Wanna go where love leads us to


And I know nothing good comes easy
That ain't gonna scare me away
Well the tides are gonna change
and the winds are bound to blow
Only love can stay the same

All I can be all I can do
That's what my heart longs to give back to you
All that you are and all that I see
Is the joy that's deep inside of me

Chorus> Out

Lyrics Robin Revier Music Robin Revier
Producer Robin Revier /Rick Krive Performance Robin Revier
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