Lisa Lee

Story Behind The Song

Lisa is one of my best friends who has a lot of really super qualities but is very lonely. I was inspired to encourage her through writing a specific song about the longoing in her heart.

Song Description

This is about a friend of mine who is a great girl with a lot of love to give. It is an encouraging lyric about waiting for love!

Song Length 2:53 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Pleasant Subject Friendship, General
Similar Artists Amy Grant Era 2000 and later


In the morning sun you'll find her quiet there
tending to the flowers in her garden while the birds all sing
she'll close her pretty eyes send up a silent prayer
n' pray to God that she won't be alone forever

Lisa Lee somebody's gonna love you
one day your prince is gonna come
And he's bound to be all you dreamed of girl and then some
Somebody's gonna love you Lisa Lee

Well it's not that she's so sad
or that her life is so bad
Her friends and family love her dearly
And her doggy loves her too
But sometimes she opens up and she'll let ya look inside
where there's a place in her heart longing for another


And the blue skies are still blue
and she's still moved by a new moon shine
But if one wish could come true
Oh that would be so fine yah it would be so fine

And when the evening comes and another day is done
she lays her head upon her pillow
dreams about another time and place
where she will be sharing with somebody


Lyrics Robin Revier Music Robin Revier
Producer Robin Revier/ Mario Inchausti Performance Robin Revier/ Mario Inchausti
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Robin Revier Robin/Originals 1/4/2011

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