Love Fades

Story Behind The Song

after my broken 17 year marriage, I went through a very difficult five years. I wrote this song for my current husband who has been a major part of my healing.

Song Description

I wrote this song for my husband for Valentines Day!

Song Length 1:21 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject General


You've got my heart all wrapped up in yours
I don't know which one is beating

And its a mystery for sure when lovers war
and build their walls of mortar
and then watch it all fall down in each others arms

They were long and twisted roads finding their way to cross our lives together

I never could figure out I still don't know today
why God would let us happen
and surrender everything in each others arms

And love fades but only into different shades and love holds us up
Yah love says that we don't have to be alone

I don't say it enough but you make me smile
I get lost inside my shadows
and there's a pain I can't describe when I realize
how much I have been missing
until you and I unwind in each other's arms

Lyrics Robin Revier Music Robin Revier/Randy Bernsen
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