Oh Wendy

Story Behind The Song

I got into some trouble with this girl, but Eric done saved my ass just as I was about to get whipped and saddled. He see her all naked cept for her boots, and he get hungry for a burger.

Song Description

We knowed this girl, Wendy, kinda looked like the Wendys girl, only she had some weird ideas about getting laid.

Song Length 2:00 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Cajun
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Endearing, Stressed Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Sexual Fantasy
Language English Era 2000 and later


Oh Wendy
Oh Wendy
What you do to me
You got me so scared
That I can't pee
I drink a river of whiskey
Oh Wendy

Making me shave up my face
You drop my pants
Then you do something
I don't understand
Oh Wendy

What are those
Boots and saddle?
What is that whip?
What is this Harness?
Hey, baby I said
What is this Bit?

Oh Wendy
Oh Wendy

Fry me up one of those
Charbroiled burgers
Give me a malted on the side
I love you
I love your furry burgers
Inside of me

Oh Wendy
What a girl she is
Oh What a girl she is
Oh Oh
What a fantastic girl she is
She is

Lyrics Dead-Eye Dicks Music Dead-Eye Dicks
Producer Johnny Dee Publisher CornHole Holla Music
Performance Dead-Eye Dicks Label CornHole Holla Music
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