The Catholic Church

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Eric don't like this song

Song Description

Mixed feeling about being born Catholic

Song Length 3:24 Genre Country - Religious
Similar Artists Dixie Dregs, Dolly Parton


The Catholic Church

I used to think that God was great
And God was good
I used to think that Bad was bad
And Good was good
But then I heard a Word
That I misunderstood
Called the Catholic Religion

I saw the starving children in the street
I saw the crosses hanging on the wall
I saw the Lenten Candles
Lit against the wall
I said who's responsible
It was the Catholic Church

God's not a man REFRAIN
He's a Monster (3x)
And His Name is
The Catholic Church

When I go down
To the Church today
When I kneel down
At the alter
When I transubstantiate
I will absolve all my hate
I will cure the question of Fate
I will Follow
The Catholic Church

© Dead-Eye Dicks 2014

Lyrics Fever Fortesque Music Eric DuBois
Producer Me an Eric Publisher Cornhole Holla Music
Performance Dead-Eye Dicks
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