Story Behind The Song

Off to Tallahassee I done run into Becca in a bar one night, and she was like a ghost to me. She wouldn't answer me when I was talking to her. Then I meets this girl called Sam who say we should get juiced on Sambuca and have us some fun on account of she thinks I looks like I need some. Things was going pretty good, and we was in the middle of gettin up close and personal when I sees the ghost of Becca standing over us with blood all over her, and I throws up all over Sam. She didn't want much to do with me after that. Cain't say as I blame her.

Song Description

Song about drinking sweet sticky stuff

Song Length 3:58 Genre Folk - Cajun, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Uptight, Poignant Subject Ghosts, See, Vision, Eyes
Language English Era 2000 and later



Where are you going with your hair
Piled so high?
The smile in your eye
You used to save for me?

Where are you going with your dress
So high and white?
Do you remember when
You first wore it for me?
And where is the love?

Where do you go
When you go out at night?
You say you're going for a walk
But you won't walk with me

Do you remember how
We used to talk at night?
About a Love maybe
Something real?
And tell me
Where is the love?
Where is the love?

Oh I was dancing with this girl
We were getting pretty close
I was getting the idea
She was giving up the ghost

Then I opened up her thighs
And I laid her on the floor
I opened up my eyes
And I won't say any more

The Sambuca turned to scum
The Sambuca Bucca Bucca
Bucca Bucca turned to scum
Bucca Bucca

Now I try to realize
It doesn't matter any more
I could care less or I could die
I don't know just what I think anymore
The Sambuca turned to scum
The Sambuca turned to scum
The Sambuca Bucca Bucca turned to scum
Bucca Bucca turned to scum

Lyrics Fever Fortesque Music Fever and the Sheriff
Producer Johnny Dee Publisher Cornhole Holla Music
Performance Fever and the Sheriff
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Clean Clean

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