Ass Cold Hands

Story Behind The Song

For some reason, Eric said it was bad Juju to be sleeping with the Dead, and we had got to fix it then and there! He made a circle on the floor with Crystal hot sauce, and told me to get in it and sing the most mournful song I could think of to lay that ghost. He said ghosts is suggestable, and to make it out like it's her idea that she's leaving. I was skeptical first off, as this seemed like foolery to me, and even more so when I started singing and Emily started crying, but by the second chorus, she was long gone! She haven't come around since to this day. Sometimes I miss my Emily, but I don't mentions it to Eric.

Song Description

OK, so maybe I always knowed Emily was kind of strange. She only showed up naked and at night, but she sure took a shine to me! She was kind of pale and purty, but trouble was, she was so cold! Her hands was cold like ice, and so was her ass. They was Ass-Cold! One night, Eric come over and finds me and Emily in bed, taking together and carrying on, and Eric say, "Fever, who you talking to?" and I say "Emily, please to meet Eric, my cousin," and Emily looks at Eric, and Eric looks at me and say "Fever! Tell me you ain't fucking a fucking Ghost Girl!" I didn't rightly know how to answer that.

Song Length 2:29 Genre Folk - Cajun, Country - Cajun
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Troubled, Tense Subject Sex Acts, Ghosts
Language English Era 2000 and later



Baby, I think you got something in your eye
What is that tear on your face?
It's been gone so long
I think you're making a mistake

So baby, brush your face
And try a smile
After all you've said and done
Does it matter anymore
Does it matter anymore when you

Stick those ass-cold hands into my heart (4X)

Baby I knew you were going to leave me
I knew you were
Believe me
You said you couldn't take it anymore
Had to get on your own
You were feeling like a prisoner of my love

You said someday we would me again
But I say I don't think it's going to happen
I don't need you to

Stick those ass-cold hands into my heart (4X)

I don't want to know

Lyrics Fever Fortesque Music Fever/Eric DuBois
Producer Johnny Dee Publisher Corhole Holla Music
Performance Fever: Singin and Mournful Pickin. Eric: Crooning and Carrying On
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