She's So Seventeen

Story Behind The Song

I have parented my own seventeen-year old daughter, and two foreign exchange students that were juniors in high school. I also used my own memories of high school dating to write this song. I really love that members of the St. Albans, VT High School Chorus sing the backing vocals after the breakdown toward the end of the song. It's a fun, danceable song!!

Song Description

"Sugar" is a very popular girl in high school, but somewhat oblivious to all of the boys that dote on her charm and beauty. Sweet and innocent, and oh so seventeen! Just a few short months away from adulthood.

Song Length 4:03 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Delightful Subject Attracted, Crush, Teens
Similar Artists Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain Language English
Era 2000 and later



She's so seventeen
Just months away from wild and free
Got a song in her heart and a twinkle in her eye
They think she's unapproachable, but she don't know she's beautiful
Boys, you'd better listen when I say,
You don't need a written invitation to get by this hesitation
Don't you let your sweetheart get away!

Wow! Great song! I loved the feel and the lyrics. Great hook.

Enjoyable female vocal, strong rock guitar. I thought and still think this is way more rock than the genre selected (country rock).

Strong lyrical themes, good hooks and all well supported by lyrical detail and very precise backing.

Wowza......Joan Jet, Step out of the way, this is KILLER!! Such an attitude with huge vocal power, I think I know who this Super vocalist is, can't wait to finish this review and see!! The guitars are giant and the mix is Spot On!!! Love this rocker, wish this singer would sing our song???
Keep up the terrific job and performances......
M & A Corey

Love this song! Tight rock band backs this great story about a teenager on the verge of "wild and free!" Masterful storytelling (unusual, in my opinion, for a rock song) This song has great word the verse about the red Camaro. Favorite rhyme: Lake/Shake A Capella section is terrific. I think this song would appeal to teenagers. Five Star production. An all around great job...Bravo!

The vocals are real clean and can understand what's going on in the record - instrumentation very well played - good job with this Country Pop Song....3.5 Stars for the performance

Okay this just seemed weird and like a mix of two tired genres at first but it did grow on me by the end of the song... bet you're fun live.

nice guitar

Solid rockin groove - don't think I would classify this under 'Country-rock' pretty much just rocking.
Good recording and instrumentation - solid playing!

a good rocking country track. nice solid rocking guitars with a great vocal by the female singer. lots of power to this track
liked the break down and backing vocals has that i love rock and roll sound to it that section.
good guitar solo and pro recording. should do well in the country rock market this track

I really like the vocals, I also like the lead guitar. The drums are awesome.

Rockin' Country, well done by all

Good production.


kept my foot tappin

You've got a great country rock song right here!

Lyrics Carol Ann Jones Music Carol Ann Jones
Producer Carol Ann Jones/Andre Maquera Publisher Carol Ann Jones
Performance Carol Ann Jones, Andre Maquera, Thom Carvey, Gary Spaulding Label Indie
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