Story Behind The Song

To be clear, this song is anti-PETA, not pro-PETA.

Song Description

This song is more straightforward, with the first section resembling a verse/chorus/verse format, though it only repeats one time. This is followed by a short breakdown and a blast beat section. The band then slows to half-time, subdividing back up to a blast-beat pattern. Following this, a quarter-time droning riff is played that segues into the solo. The solo accompaniment then doubles in time for its duration. After the solo, the band plays a lengthy polyrhythm, in which the guitars play in 5/4, the drums play in 3/4, and the segments overlap every 15 beats (which the lead guitar accents with the only chord of its figure). Another breakdown follows, with an extended thrash section that comprises the remainder of the song.

Song Length 6:52 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Brutal, Frenzied Subject General, Liberal, Progressive
Similar Artists Metallica, Megadeth Language English
Era 2000 and later


Deep beneath the ground
Lie dirty, pretty things:
Woodland creatures
Good for eating,
But in the name of science,
And human dignity,
They may be flayed alive
For experimenting.

The demagogues will sing,
A Latin term which means
To cut while still living.

Riots will ensue,
Laboratories bombed,
The movement will accrue
Washed-up hippie soccer moms.
Burning fossil fuel
In a fleet of minivans,
They criticize abuses
With insecticide in hand.

"Prepare the pipe bomb
To free the helpless
Locked inside!"


Soaked through
With blood,
Those lost,
Animal saviors.

[Guitar solo.]

Through the brick and bone,
The creature moves forth
All in
Its path,
This silent

Tear up all in sight,
The mob that made you.
Tear up all in sight,
The mothers who have freed you.


Mob that made you,
Mothers who have freed you.


Lyrics Dave Labedz Music Bobby de la O and Phil Harrelson
Producer Bill Maynard and Buried Future Performance Buried Future
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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