Tertiary Thrust

Song Description

The song begins with a thrash breakdown and a short thrash section followed by several measures of blast beats. Following this are a measure each of 7/4, 9/4, and 11/4; this pattern repeats 2 times with growled vocals and 4 times with spoken vocals. A 4/4 thrash section follows, then a 30-beat "mess" (a format described in the notes to "Identity Crisis") that repeats 4 times. Another 4/4 section occurs after this, segueing into a figure with the guitars in 7/4, and the drums playing a 5 beat/4 beat/5 beat subdivision over 14 beats. This figure repeats 8 times. A half-time section follows this, followed subsequently by the solo. The remainder of the song follows the "mess" format.

Song Length 6:41 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Very Fast (171 And Up) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Brutal, Heated Subject Economics, School
Similar Artists Metallica, Megadeth Language English
Era 2000 and later


Breathing fire,
And shitting ribbons of smoke,
A massive funeral pyre
For the American Joke,
Locked in the belly of the beast,
Asphyxiated with pride,
Hallucinate grand delusions
On your station in life--

Higher education
Wasted on the folks who
Used to work this type of
Menial job--
Global economic
Pressure will force them out of
Factories, and into academia.

No basis
To criticize
A thing they were raised to disrespect.

[Spoken:] Time is the universe's way of keeping everything from happening at once. The order things, therefore, is arbitrary, both in terms of chronology and arrangement. Anyone can say how something is "supposed" to be, just as anyone can come along and change it at will. Stalwarts of order will constantly grapple with their own impositions, assuming that the manners of the world are natural by virtue of their age alone.

Their parents told them their professors were quacks,
Trapped in liberal bubbles, fully severed from fact,
That they have no understanding
Of the common man's suffering,
And no sympathy
For those without a degree.

Attending classes half-asleep,
With no intention to learn,
Only brains to dismantle,
And livers to burn.
They see no short-term benefit,
And so maintain, for lack of it,
Their long-held superstitions
Regarding higher education.

No Reason,
Everything I need to know--

If you think everything you need to know
You learned at age five,
Good luck, motherfucker,
Try to survive
In a world where you compete
With foreigners every day,
Who do your job better
For a quarter of the pay.

[Guitar solo.]

And yet that does not touch
What the real goal should be:
Increased understanding
Of how you don't know anything.


Lyrics Dave Labedz Music Bobby de la O and Phil Harrelson
Producer Bill Maynard and Buried Future Performance Buried Future
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