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Marriage advise passed from father to son.

Song Length 3:40 Genre Country - General, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Marriage, Loving Marriage


"ROSES FOR NO REASON" by Mark "Buc" Williams (copyright 2009, ASCAP)

Ole' Duke and I took a ride to the local flower store
Today's my wife's birthday, don't know what to get her anymore
I was sure happy to see my daddy, said dad whatcha doin' here
He said oh hi son, I come by here, five-six times a year

I said it's not mama's birthday or your anniversary
And I can't for the life of me think what else it could be
He said no son, it's not like that, see I used to be like you
But after all these years of married life, I've learned a thing or two

(Chorus 1)
She loves,
The cool breeze of a north wind
On a warm summers day
Kids on slides and pony rides
New brides and spring bouquets
Fedora hats and calico cats
Blueberries out of season
But what she loves the most is
Roses for no reason

I looked at him, said daddy, I'm so impressed with you
It appears, after all these years, you still know just what to do
He smiled at me and said son, I can see it in your eyes
You thought you knew your mama, but you never realized

(Chorus 2)
She loves,
Scrapbooks filled with memories
And old photo's from the past
Homemade lemonade
And the smell of fresh cut grass
Yellow labs and steamed blue crabs
Hot chocolate when it's freezin'
But what she loves the most is
Roses for no reason


I said I wish I knew my wife as well as you know yours
He said you will in time son there's one way to be sure

(Chorus 3)
You can
See what she likes on a moonlit' night
When your sittin' all alone
Pay attention to what she mentions
When you're talkin' on the phone
And for those times in life
When there seems to be no pleasin'
You know that'd be a good time for
Roses for no reason

Roses for no reason
Hey yea yea
Roses for no reason

great song great lyrics enjoyed

Great tune, enjoyed it..

Lyrics Mark "Buc" Williams Music Mark "Buc" Williams
Producer Gary Carter Publisher Buc Williams Publishing
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