living without you

Story Behind The Song

thoughts of someone

Song Length 3:14 Genre R & B - General, R & B - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Welcoming, On Cloud Nine
Subject Life, General Similar Artists Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

nice work envokes some emotion an helps the emagination wonder with a story line

very cool R&B instrumental I got some lyrics that could go to this track feel free to contact me

Your song moved me.
I felt relaxed while listening.
I generally like the mood it set.

The arrangement of the song is beautiful. I like the old/new school R&B element to this instrumentation.

I could hear it being used in tv and film as a score.

interesting use of mixed genres/sounds

This instrumental sounds like a remixed version of Puff Daddy's "Is This The End" off his first album. This has a "we're breaking up for good/this relationship is over" kind of vibe to it, real introspective and emotional.

My analysis seems to make me think I think this song is bad, I don't. I think this song has a lot of potential. I think the main piano part is unique and musical. I think the more improvisational piano parts are very well done and musical as well. I liked that you added those effects in the introduction. When I think of instrumentals, I think of them as a great opportunity to tell a story. It's a story that the listener gets to develop themselves rather than having to listen to the words of a typical song with vocals. So your thunder and phone call made me think of a girl, alone, on a rainy day calling her lover after a fight, or maybe because she missed him. However, that's really the only picture I got. The music didn't really help me, the listener, develop the story much further from that. Although the drop around 1:03 was nice. I talk more about storytelling in the constructive comments section. The structure of this song is perfect. It is a nice structure for taking me on a journey, and that journey was almost accomplished -- again, I talk more about that in the constructive section. You have some great musical roots which is half of the battle when it comes to actually making music. You may have written it a song, but the other half is making it into a record. You are very skilled when it comes to the writing and musical part of the music production process. What I think needs work is your ability to capture your great musical piece in a way that the audience or a listener would be able to appreciate as well. Your song is great. I hear so much for it. But as it stands, it's bare, bare bones. But it's better to have a strong skeleton than a weak frame, and you have the strong foundation. Just a few tweaks is all you need.

When this first started I automatically started looking for my phone. Lots of nice things going in this instrumental.

I think that you understand music theory well based on your composition. It was easy to listen to, definitely intense but also somewhat warm at the same time.

Piano gives it a nice hook.

Nice instrumental, and good musical mood

Soothing. Held my attention

Love this track I would love to write lyrics to this song

I like the arrangement and memorable tune on this song

Unusual but interesting start. The simplicity of instrumentation made this an interesting piece to listen to. I would have liked it to develop a bit more but still enjoyed the piece as a whole.

Chorus is good.

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