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smooth and laidback

Song Length 4:36 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Pleasant
Era 2000 and later

Not much in a way of positive comments. Sorry, but I'm not impressed with this recording.

Nice little tune...good piano playing

Nice piece. Enjoyed the groove & solo lines.

very nice melody and instrumentation - love chord changes

It's a great idea! Nicely arranged.

Digging the smooth and laid back theme here surely.

Good mood-setting tune. Good arrangement and instrumentation

nice chord progression and hooks. Chorus build up has potential.

nice and catchy I can see a lot of places to market this movies, stores etc. Creates a mood!

First, I really enjoyed this song. I understood the core emotion and felt it. The music had me moving in the way that I expect this style of jazz to move me. I absolutely loved when the strings came in. That's why I would've called this "Daybreak". It reminded me of the sun cresting over the ocean. So, you're song brought a lot of great images to mind. I thought the arrangement (the instruments chosen) were well thought-out. I liked the nylon guitar part, that was a nice change. The track kept me interested and listening throughout. In general, it was nicely done!

nice laid back groove on this one, could be improved with a live guitarist, not a big fan of sampled acoustic guitars or sampled classicals...need the slides, vibrato and sounds of fingers. the break ar 2:20 was a tad abrupt to me, should let it ring out a measure and then come in. the strings might need to be eq'd back a bit or turn them down a touch. great drum sound and nice job I liked it!

The composition is stunning, so melodious, so harmonious so ... musical. It was very emotional, thank you for sharing the track

Might work as a canned song on a Casio keyboard.

Music bailey productions Producer bailey productions
Performance bailey productions
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