An artist whose roots are in Big Band music, but has an appreciation for and background in Rock and Roll, Folk, and Jazz Music as well. For over 30 years he lead a territory big band playing throughout the mid west states. He has written songs for local organizations for commercials and for event driven promotions.

In 2011 one of his songs, "Wishes and Dreams", was contracted for a Hallmark Movie of the Week titled "Lucky Christmas", and has contracted with other music libraries for music placements since that time.

In 2015 his songs "Soon It Will Be Christmas Eve" and "Tomorrow There'll Be A New Sunrise" were licensed to a vintage clothing shop in the UK for in store use. These were non exclusive licenses and these two song still are being submitted for other music opportunities.

Retired from the National Park Service winds down, Hesse has become more involved with his first love and is building his music library business one song at a time.

Alan Hesse

Like many song writers I grew up playing in a family band from the age of 12. I had my own rock band in the 60's then took over my father's big band in the late 70's and played big band music for the next 20 years, retiring from that at the ripe old age of 45.

I have been a song writer for as long as I can remember being able to hum a song and make up words to go along with it. In the past 5 years I've renewed my interest in writing in earnst and last year was fortunate enough to place a Christmas song in a Hallmark Channel Movie of the Week titled "Lucky Christmas". Though I tend to write a lot in the Country Genre, I like all styles and plan to submit songs in most. Music is a force that can't be stopped so I guess we might as well go with it.


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