All She Wrote

Song Length 2:44 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


All She Wrote

Opened her letter and I got upset
Didn?t see it comin? but I heard footsteps
It was nice and neat and she typed it fine
A lotta trouble for just one line

She said "I hate to leave you on such a note, but goodbye".
and that?s all she wrote

Just this morning we were doing fine
Guess she was acting, ? ?least she knew her lines
Later that day I got the news report
Make that "flash" cos? she kept it short

No lines to read between
No in between

Very good piece with really clean and crisp guitar and vocals as well. Witty and precise lyrics and very good riff and great arrangement.

The song has a nice country sound and twang. Lyrics are clear I can hear all the words. The song has a catchy quality. Although the song is about someone leaving which is sad the song does have a toe tap quality. A short song but a good song.

Reminded me of blue rodeo. Great country rock song. I enjoyed the tempo and the feel of this song. When lyrics have a story, it keeps the listener interested. I don't listen to this style of music, but I enjoyed the song. The vocals work well with the music.

I like the nice even gait to this number. just cruising along now, nice balance and tone on the vocal, sweet guitar!

This song is a super fun country creation! The vocals are lovely and the production quality is spot on. The hook is super catchy and I was engaged and wanting to now where the song would go next for the entire duration of the song. Th dynamics were fantastic. The bridge was a lovely break in the overall arrangement. I very much enjoyed this one!

For a break-up song, this is a pretty fun one, and a great listen. He doesn't sound too sorry or broken up about it, but at least it's worth a great song. Very memorable hook! I like the way you took a common phrase and made it into the hook for your song. Nice vocals, easy to understand. Instrumentation fits the song well. Your lyric writing is good; you kept it simple and easy to understand; rhymes are good and fresh, not trite. Favorite lyric: news report - no make that a flash, kept it short...very clever.

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