DO YOU KNOW HIM (original version) 1977

Story Behind The Song

This was among the first of my Christian songs written. I had been experimenting with alternate tunings and came up with this one. I later rewrote the song and put it on my WHO WAS THIS MAN CD which is available on EBay or is downloadable here on broadj

Song Description

Asks the simple question: â??Do you know the creator of the universe?â??

Song Length 1:01 Genre Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 1970 - 1979



He is the poet in the wind
HeÂ?s the sculptor of the skyline heÂ?s my friend
He is the master of the sea
And he holds the lock and key to the end

HeÂ?s the arranger of the stars
While youÂ?re busy building cars HeÂ?s building lives
He is the tailor of the clouds
And while youÂ?re lost among the crowds He wants to know you

Do you know Him?
Do you know Him?

He is the shepherd of the flock
He stands at your door and knocks can you hear Him
He is the bondsman of my soul
Deep inside somehow I know that He loves me

Do you know Him?
Do you know Him?

He is the celebrated king
HeÂ?s the one of whom I sing do you know Him

NOTE: From Â?Joy By SurpriseÂ? Myrrh Records 1977

Lyrics Bob Ayala Music Bob Ayala
Producer Buddy King Publisher Creation Heart Music
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