Song Length 2:29 Genre Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


STEPHANIE, (with love)

Stephanie, you played the game of love and lost
And now you have to count the cost of your loneliness
Stephanie, veteran of a lover?s war
Do you remember when you swore?never more
But time has ways of changing our tune
And what we say is often said through our wounds

Stephanie wake up now it?s Monday morn
Another day has just been born in your loneliness
Stephanie, bitter are the death of dreams
Till there few and far between the lines of age
Watching the world go by in pairs
Dressing your dreams in ribbons and tears

Stephanie, Jesus loves the lonely
And He can make your life complete?with love

NOTE: from ?Joy By Surprise? Myrrh Records 1977

Lyrics Bob Ayala Music Bob Ayala
Producer Buddy King Publisher Creation Heart Music
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