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What If......Support Music in Our Schools

Song Length 3:55 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Other Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable


1. Lennon?s Basement 3:55
(William Manchester)

Verse 1:
There?s really not a time I remember, not listening to the radio, what if those songs never existed, locked in a basement or thrown by the road.

What if Lennon, never left the basement. What if Hendrix was just one of the guys. What if Dylan never talked to strangers. Our music needs to breathe for it, to change our lives.

Verse 2:
Think back to any one moment, words of a song will come to mind, in our hearts they live for ever, when music breathes, it never dies.

Verse 3:
Music?s known as a healer, it helps us through the roughest of times, it stirs our souls and moves us to action, it helps us win, the hardest fights.

Verse 4:
Now would we have ever come together, or found our place in the sun, would these times ever be changing without the music to move us along.

I really like the message of the chorus. It's encouraging us to step outside the box as songwriters, live the dream, be heard. Great lyrics. The songwriter uses the example of Lennon, Hendrix and Dylan (well-chosen). The bridge about what music can do (heal, motivate, strengthen the soul) is fantastic. Love the Pennywhistle! Great full band sound. Lead vocal is clear and totally understandable (which, for a rock song on BJ is notable!) This is a great song to play for a talented person who has never let their gift out of the box and done something with it.

Not bad. This record has a strong rhythm. Very nice.

Lyrics Bill Manchester Music Bill Manchester
Producer Bill Manchester Publisher Bill Manchester
Performance Bill Manchester Label Bill Manchester
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