Normalcy Bias

Song Length 5:18 Genre Folk - Alternative, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tense, Nonviolent Subject Frustration, Existence
Similar Artists Arcade Fire, Paramore Language English
Era 2000 and later


Caught In Emotion Far From Pure
Disguised As An Impulse
Second Nature
To You

But I'm Not So Delicate
And We're Not So Free
From The Pull Of This Moment
Undoing Us At The Seams

Unfocused And
Frightened Of
Pulling Yourself Tight
And Having To Feel
Having to Feel This

Forced To Reveal
These Unseen Flaws
Tangled and Useless
Chaotically In My Mind

But I'm Not So Rigid
Non Of Us So Pristine
From The Pull Of This Moment
And The Other Shit We Can't See

Unfocused And
Frightened Of
Pulling Yourself Tight
And Having to Feel

Out Of Control
Pulling Out The Guilt
And Making It Known

Love the movement from the start to finish of this song, sort of picked me up and took me, kind of like the character in the song! And beautiful strings. Nice mix, tempo and mood. I like the vocals (doubled?), very pretty and strong at the same time. Very interesting song, and a little wild and edgy.

Loved listening to this song, a lot of influence in there, Great mix of celtic and eastern sounds.

PRETTY DARN COOL! QUITE EXCITING!---great all the way around--really kept my attention--cheers--joe

This is pretty much AWESOME. The arrangement is super creative, and the singer's tone and performance capture a particular mood that I rarely hear. I have no idea what the song is about, and I don't think it matters - I could hear this placed in a multitude of ways...and if it something you play live, I imagine it would be EPIC!

I love the arrangement,tone of voice and originality of the song.

gorgeous depth and layers - love the cello and the strident vox

Outstanding! I love how you are exploring new ground here. Nearly impossible to confine this excellent piece into any specific genre designation as it draws upon alternative pop, folk, electronic, symphonic. This is the style of music i could listen to all day. Congratulations on finding and exploring a truly unique vision!

like the dark vibe, the lead guitar repetition works well, as well as the cool sounds BG this...vocal comes in pretty late, but is strong. like the tune allot, nice build, allot of interesting chang-ups/vibes.

Really good textures and variations in the recording. The strings and multiple guitar parts were really done. I liked the spacing of the song too--you allowed it to beathe.

High marks for originality. I first thought it was going to be a totally instrumental piece (and it could have been), but then was surprised by the entry of vocals and dismayed because I could not understand all the words. Instrumentally and melodically, this song gets five stars. I love the recurring hook/theme and the variations in guitar effects. Thought I heard electric violin and cello and really really dug those sections. I am guessing that you were using open tuning on the sounded great. The song was intense, suspenseful, energy-infused, almost scary at times. Please give all your band members/session players my compliments on their prowess. I stand in awe.

Lyrics Meagan Ballantyne Music Authentic Imperfection
Producer Clynton O'Brien Performance Authentic Imperfection
Label unsigned
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