Game Chasing

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Rock


When she walks around and the ice could just melt down when she's close
She all dressed up and sometimes I know I'm thrown
And I can't find a way I can get out and stop this
God I've tried, but every time I make the same mistakes
And break the dream in which she waits.

Big time Katie says were gonna win big now
I don't know, she's gonna show me how
Late night Katie, says she gonna take me home
I don't know, don't wanna go alone
And we'd live for tomorrow, we'd live for tomorrow

When she says a word, even speaking, holds a whole new meaning
On longest winter nights with those words I'm never cold
And I can't find, a stone to throw that's not misguiding
God I've tried, but when I try to sleep I just
Awake and break the dream in which she waits.

Lyrics Joe Smith Music Joe Smith
Performance Joe Smith
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