El Ritmo

Song Length 3:53 Genre Pop - Rock


I can't explain the effect that this has on me
To travel so far, open doors and play with energy
That never seems tamed or strained
But feels so right
Take in information 'cause its dark, there's hesitation
But it's just the pure sensation of the pre-anticipation
To the build up of elation
That's gonna make your fires ignite

Movemos tan lento
Toma tu bebida y comencemos el show

Quiero Sentir tu ritmo, Quiero sentir más

Quiero sentir la noche, la noche y quizás,

Quieres sentir mi ritmo, Necesitas sentir más

Quieres sentir la noche, tu noche, esta noche

Tenemos que

Tenemos que

With time in hand I don't know where I'll stand
But I hope you'll all be waiting when I reach your land
On bright days racing, through grey day embracing
But I know we're always gonna have good times planned
I found this place by first believing everything is worth perceiving
Eyes were closed but never sleeping held awake by interweaving
Memories I kept retrieving
Played off hand

Great crossover appeal. I can understand enough Spanish to understand the song. Yo vivo circa Miami. This really had me tapping my foot. I felt it! The singer has very good range and life in her voice. Well done!

Lyrics Joe Smith Music Joe Smith
Performance Joe Smith
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