Im So Sorry

Story Behind The Song

Having done stupid things in my life, I had to put my feelings down on paper and write an apology in a song, with the help of my friend Shirley Ryder. My Future was just to be a better man. I never actually ended up playing this to the woman it was intended.

Song Description

Sometimes its just to late to make-up. Apologies should be made at the right time. Don't leave it till its too late. this song is very personal to me and i try to keep it simple yet effective to the listener. incorporating percussion only and not using a drumkit persay, i think helped give more feeling of sadness. hope you enjoy

Song Length 4:51 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Endearing Subject Sadness, Breaking Up
Similar Artists The Eagles, Jack Johnson Language English
Era 2000 and later

lots of really good stuff here ...ya just need to re think and re think it....listen to how the grets do it in terms of production

Nice and refreshing. The kind of track one would rewind or repeat several times.

Like the groove here guys, nice laid back song and dreamy sound scapes - good guitar work too!

Sweet tempo with nice clean guitar licks and accompanied by smooth vocals !

Has a good vibe and probably could fit into a film somewhere.

nice laid back mellow yet catchy track. nice vocal style and style, enjoyable song,

Nice groove to the song. I like the use of hand percussion. Lyrics are from the heart.

like the percussion, the vocal a bit rough, but we get the idea. the acoustic guitar a bit rough, but the concept though roughly displayed comes through.

vox need to be a little more up front, with a hair less reverb.....they are not always clear in the mix.......the bass could use some eq to help definition....This is something I struggle with in my own mixes at this point in time.Is this all keyboard/samples? The acoustic strumming sounds real....I like the "alternative" drum set. Adds a enjoyable air to the mix..... Catchy tune.....

It had a real nice Caribbean feel to it!

I liked the build up and the style of this song. It is very interesting and original.

Lyrics ali edwards, Shirley Ryder Music Ali Edwards
Producer Ali Edwards Performance Ali Edwards
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