Crazy Mama

Story Behind The Song

Originally written by Alphonsus Cassel. JJ Cale performed the whole song painstakingly by himself, as at the time he couldn't afford a drummer to play, and ended using electronic drums. even in final mix/albums. i Extended the song by another verse by way of repeat, as i wanted to make the song a bit longer as the original was quite short. Hope you like :)

Song Description

a Song i loved and wanted to add my own twist, i stayed in form with tempo and structure, but used more digital to create an unusual sound of song. My Father kept as best he could with his interpretation of the original guitar, and with his vocal also we ended up with this quirky version. Eventually id like to re-record with a bit more bite. Specially after learning more over the years.

Song Length 3:42 Genre Electronic - Experimental, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Passive, Moving Subject Loneliness
Language English Era 2000 and later


Crazy mama, where you been so long?
Crazy mama, where you been so long?
You've been hiding out, I know that's true
Crazy mama, I sure need you
Crazy mama, where you been so long?
Standing on the corner, looking for you, babe
Standing on the corner, looking for you, babe
Lord have mercy, i can not see
That crazy mama coming back to me?
Crazy mama, where you been so long?

I love that Bluesy bounce beat. This would make a great lazy dance track, or a good track for a long drive on a country road. Feels like some modern day Jimmy Reed.

Nice laid-back track. Really like the vocals and harmony. Could use more lyrics, but hey, it's.... Blues. Well done.
Gonna grab a brew and listen again....

This is a great song because I can relate to it. The tone set the mood and you feel where the artist/writer is coming from.

Very interesting song. Wll done for the arrangement / instrumentation and the lyrics.

Great classic, good job.

I really dig this track. It's got a very unique sound. Kind of a mix of blues and cowboy-western vibe. The vocal arrangement is well supported by the cool bluesy guitar and atmospheric sounding keys and electronic percussion. This works well. It would make a nice track in the right kind of movie scene.

I thought this was fantastic. soulful blues. with a cool beat and sound. nice guitars and feel good chill vibe of the track.
liked the harmony vocal doubling effects, cool tune

Very clean recording. Laid back, chilling out feel.

Lyrics Alphonsus Cassel Music Ali Edwards
Producer Ali Edwards Performance Tony Edwards, Ali Edwards
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