I'm Cryin'

Story Behind The Song

A friend of mine had told me about her relationship problems, and had written words of frustration to express her feelings and emotions. I read these and said we should write a song together about it. she agreed and this song is the result. The relationship didn't last however, and now she has someone new who loves her and treats her well. I entered the song in the 2012 UK singer/songwriter competition and got semi-finalist. Which is a great response and feeling. Made me more enthusiastic about creating more. :)

Song Description

Putting some thought into trying to arrange a song that would set the feel and mood of the song proved to be longer than anticipated. but well worth it and quite rewarding. The solo guitar during the song made me feel the song was given a needed lift and broke up the normality of the tune. adding a slightly more powerful extension to the overall feel. Thanks to my father "Tony Edwards" for the nice guitar work.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Worried Subject Bad Love, Frustration
Similar Artists Genesis, Jackson Browne Language English
Era 2000 and later

Nice recording and presentation. Very current sounding song that works well in any Pop format. I think this song has potential. Good instrumentation and vocals.

nice feel, reminds ma a bit of PM Dawn's 'Set Adrift' and Terrance Trent Darby

Although I do not listen to this genre much, everything about this song screams "hit!" This tune is excellent, and well polished. The mix is awesome, and the arrangement is well thought-through. The vocals are superb. I personally like the random spontaneous vocal laughs, yells and "whoo's" in the background. Congratulations on a super composition.

love the groove of this and great singing! The intro could be a little shorter and maybe bring the voice in at the beginning with a riff or two because i though I was in for a smooth jazz tune with the intro as is. Like the guitar solo but maybe a smoother distortion (mic up an amp) also a tad less reverb might make the clarity of each instrumnet stand out ....but that could be just from on my crappy computer speakers so keep up the good work! Cheers

Nice vibe.

This song beat and groove and melody is really really super great. I LOVE your harmonies and embellishments. I like the lyrics, but see comments below for an alternative take.

nice upbeat sound which the lyrics don't match...very retro pop sound, piano well done.

Excellent recording, production

Loved this. Very cool blend of jazz and rock to me. Well executed, well produced, well performed. Loved the vocal harmonies too! Loved the cool sound on the lead guitar.

The song is very nice! I like your voices very much! Good sound with very well done instrumental arrangements! Good lyrics too! The bass is very nice played! Congratulations!

I liked the song structure. The melody and lyrics complement each other very well. The instrumentation and arrangement continue to boost the song. I liked the voice of the singer too.

Lyrics Ali Edwards, Jasmine Barrett Music Ali Edwards
Producer Ali Edwards Performance Ali Edwards, Tony Edwards
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