What Is So?

Story Behind The Song

This song came out as the war started and was featured on many Radio Stations in Austin, Texas... as a pro-peace song. What Is So? is about the many unanswered questions around 9/11 - and how more and more facts seem to be surfacing that show how 9/11 was an inside job by the ones in the war & oil industry (lead by Bush/Chaney who are both heavily invested in these) and it is clear now how they have in fact - profited hugely by the ongoing wars and brought our country into deep debt. But that was not enough... with the Wall Street/Banks/AIG & other large corporations who DON'T pay taxes... or very little - getting bail outs from us - and yet we never got to vote on it. And this left us borrowing $ from China - one of the powers that could really harm freedom as we know it. So they sold us to China to pay back the bad loans of the banks... and then began to take away people's homes - due to these bad loans - and now they all get to walk away from this mess they put our country in. And all the rights that were taken away from Americans after 9/11 for our "safety" from terrorists... does not protect us now from our own Government. And how many have died or been harmed in the wars? In years to come, we will see more & more facts about how the 9/11 "attack" was a plan to lead us into war by those who have profited greatly by the ongoing wars. They did it for the $ and to deliberately change laws in our constitution with FEAR based pushes to protect us from terrorists - with laws that are not protecting us from the ones who really harmed us. History will look upon those in power as who they are... selfish self serving fools who did all they could to use their power for their own gain and cared nothing for the families that were harmed by their actions... the ones who voted them into office to serve the greater good for the people. So in a poetic way.. this song is simply asking: WHAT IS SO?

Song Description

Peace comes from knowing we are all connected and what we do to one - we do to all of us. All wars are based on lies... and go against love and that is what we have all come here to do - love. We are born from love and that is why we are alive... to continue to fight others to take their wealth... to have power over them... is against all the reasons we are here. When will war end? When it ceases to be profitable? This will happen when we realize the real cost of war and how is disconnects us from trusting the universe - and knowing how inside is where peace lives. The song ends with Om Shanti Om... a mantra for Universal peace.

Song Length 2:34 Genre Rock - Alternative, New Age - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Similar Artists U2, Incubus
Language English Era 2000 and later


On through the changes, times of the seasons
Past all the reasons, rhymes for today

And Ageless is the love that binds us
That?s the only truth I know
The rest of life seems a contradiction
Who really knows
What is so? What Is So?

Paces are fast now, the world?s at a crossroad
A heavy load, yet some still believe
Looking for answers, in picture remembered
Searching for something that remains the same

And Ageless is the love that binds us
That?s the only truth I know
The rest of life seems a contradiction
Who really knows What is so? (2x?s)
What Is So?

Eyes become open..

Om Shanti Om
(A prayer for Peace for all in the Universe.)

© 2002 Aliah Selah /Spiralonwords Publishing/BMI

Lyrics Aliah Selah Music Aliah Selah/Justin Gray
Producer Aliah Selah/Paz Rheinstein Publisher Spiralonwords Publishing
Performance Aliah Selah Label Spiral On Productions
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