Story Behind The Song

This song has a cool story: I was in Wholefoods in Austin where we lived... and there was Ani DiFranco in line there. She was spending a lot of time in Austin because her boyfriend lived there and I had seen her before - but now I was right next to her in line. So I started to talk to her and she was really open and friendly. I happened to have my 1st CD with me, Acoustic Perfume... my more folk oriented songs and how the CD was made while I was pregnant with our son. I said that Acoustic Perfume got air play because it came out during Lilith Fair and yet I was most proud of it being played at a lot of births - our son's included - and she was touched and said she would listen to it. Anyway, that night I had this dream she was in. In the dream she was talking to me about my music career and she was smiling when she said the chorus of this song: Hey StarChild, just land Kick off the asphalt dust And shine, shine, shine. I woke up and wrote the song that came very easily... and it meant a lot to me because I really admire Ani a great deal.. I almost feel like I should give her writer's credit because of how she gave me the chorus in that dream. When some radio DJ's heard the song "StarChild"- Lenny Kravitz had just put out "Are Ya Gonna Go My Way" - several Dj's said on this song I sounded like: "A female Lenny Kravitz with a Sax!" And others picked up that phrase too and started saying it about me. I have met Lenny several times and he is an artist I admire a great deal too. It is an honor to be compared to him in anyway - funny because it was my goal to write some songs like he was writing... so I guess I did that.

Song Description

This song is dedicated to my son and I wrote it for him when he stated to play guitar at 5. Then, we caught him on video at one of our gigs with his little acoustic guitar rockin' in perfect timing to our band & fully into it. I also dedicate StarChild to all new musicians - I say, "Go for it, & shine, shine, shine!"

Song Length 4:33 Genre Rock - Funk, Rock - Funk
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Enchanting, Amiable
Subject Encouragement, Spirituality Similar Artists Lenny Kravitz
Language English Era 2000 and later


Hey StarChild, Be free
Shake off the words that don't make sense
Keep livin' in present tense
Make love when you can
Next time someone will be giving you a helping hand

Hey StarChild, just land
Kick off the asphalt dust
And shine, shine, shine

Hey StarChild just dance
When things get uptight
Let 'em blur outa sight
Breathe deep and go within
Everybody looses while we all just tryin' to win

Hey StarChild, just land
Kick off the asphalt dust
And shine, shine, shine

Watch the stars fall from the sky till the morning light makes them fade (2x?s)
And we are still alive, we are still alive
We are still alive and we're ready baby, we're ready to shine, shine, shine

Hey StarChild, let go
Things don't happen through demands
We gotta open up our hands
And take a good look around
See all the love we've found
With heads in the clouds
And feet on solid ground

Hey StarChild, just land
Kick off the asphalt dust
And shine, shine, shine

Lyrics Aliah Selah Music Aliah Selah/Terry Dossey
Producer Terry Dossey Aliah Selah Publisher Spiralonwords Publishing
Performance Aliah Selah: Vocals, Terry Dossey: Lead Guitar, Paz Rheinstein: Guitar, Mark Bergen: B3 Organ, Don Burns: Bass, Daniel Jones: Drums Label Spiral On Productions
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