Sweet Life

Story Behind The Song

Mitch Watkins (the producer of the song) had me sing some various notes and then played them backwards and that became the background pad of vocals that you hear on their own at the end of the song. It gave it a dark haunting sound that I was not into at first. But after a while I heard how it helped the songs minor feel to take wing and ground it. These had actually been tracks for a song I used to play called: Against The Grain... so "Sweet Life" took the old tracks for that song into a new feel and the vocal pad offered the sound of an ongoing conflict in life - light vs. shadow - and this song shows that because of gratitude for life... I have found that light continually wins over shadow.

Song Description

This is a song about my gratitude for the love in my life. The love of my husband & son who have transformed all the pain in my past... to joy & appreciation. Love can heal us that way and so it has. Seek to offer love and it returns to us many fold.

Song Length 4:52 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, New Age - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Peaceful


Sweet Life

Looking for rainbows as they shine through my windows
Listening gives questions - loving gives answers
So I'll take you to my heart and see you as a part of life...
Sweet Life

Cause well your smile it touches a place I've never seen much of
Cause I've been fighting for love and I been fighting for freedom
All at the same time - oh how nice just to find you
You're so full of life...
Sweet Life

My life's been filled with changes it re-arranges
Faster than I can slow it down
So I just move with the motions and let go of the notions
That I know what's comin' round and look what I found
Look what we found - Oh this gift of life - Oh Sweet Life...
Sweet Life

Oh the blessings we obtain as we let go of blame
And the real that's hard to name has a beauty we can't claim
And the loving that sustains and wipes us clean of any shame
Bless each and every strain the same
It's all weaving the tapestry of...
Weaving the tapestry of life

A tapestry of what we do
Telling us we can renew
And see all points of view
As long as to our hearts we be true
While were listening to:

Sweet, sweet it's a sweet life baby
Sweet, sweet it's a sweet life

© 2002 Aliah Selah /Spiralonwords Publishing/BMI

Lyrics Aliah Selah Music Aliah Selah
Producer Mitch Watkins/Aliah Selah Publisher Spiralonwords Publishing
Performance Aliah Selah Label Spiral On Productions
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