Water Grand Trine Activation

Story Behind The Song

I got the idea to do this on April 11th after writing 3 songs on the 9th while Paz was in the stuido with our Spiral On.. We Here Now CD. Then, I found it was perfect to do when Venus Trined Jupiter 4/17/14 and doing a week of this daily meditation preferably as the sun sets.. in preparation for the Activation on the 24th when Venus reaches Saturn on 4/24/14 to counter the Grand Cardinal Cross. Now Chiron takes the place of Venus and the Moon offer the love to Mars - as it goes direct May 19th, 2014 so that innovations that are needed to heal our planet can take flight with the compassion of the Water Grand Trine - more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/542326779198076/

Song Description

With a Tibetan Bowl for Om and these Acu-Tuning Forks: 528 Love Frequency with the planets in the Water Grand Trine Activation - Chiron (played by the cello), Saturn, & Jupiter, with Pluto, the Moon, and Mars. How it plays... Dreamtime flow.. Listen for the Om Chimes to switch planets and 528 Love Frequency with each planet Activating it with Love. If you want to consciously listen for the Planetary tones this is the form: a shaker, and hand drum, 3 OMs then Neptune - For Visioning Visions With Humanitarian Ideals Om Venus Om Saturn Om Jupiter (Water Grand Trine) & 528 Love Frequency then Om Neptune (who hears Neptune's messages through Venus) Om Pluto Om Venus Om Moon & 528 Love Frequency Or just be open to where it takes you. My vision was to offer it to you by the magical hour.. of dusk.. so you could do it as the sun was setting... on your iPhone at the beach... Ah... Astro Qi Sound Healing Attunement Meditation To Empower Your Visions - Enjoy!!! And let it fill a deep love and blessings for peace in our visions.An Astro Qi Sound Healing Attunement Meditation To Empower Your Visions - Water Grand Trine Activation For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/542326779198076/

Song Length 5:55 Genre New Age - Meditative, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Other
Mood Peaceful, Enchanting Subject Ocean, Sea, Infinity
Similar Artists Yes Era 2000 and later


This is an Astro Qi Sound Healing Attunement Meditation To Empower Your Visions - A Water Grand Trine Activation that began in April 2014 - with Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter.
Now Chiron has taken the place of Venus - as Venus has traveled to the Grand Cross to join Uranus.. to calm the possible conflicts in the sudden changes nature of Uranus who is an important part of the Grand Cross volatility.

This activation celebrates MARS Going DIRECT AT 6:31pm Monday May 19th 2014!!!

More Details:
A month later we have similar energetics than what started us on this journey with a Cardinal Grand Cross (Possible Conflicts) and Water Grand Trine (Calming Compassion) yet shifting characters slightly. The love planet of Venus who was part of the Water Grand Trine - has taken her message of compassion to the Grand Cross - as of 8:31 am this morning as Venus squared Jupiter. This is Venus in Aries so it is more capable to contend with conflicts and now it is next to Uranus (Sudden Changes) that is opposite Mars (Innovative Actions) that will go direct 6:31pm tomorrow. So this means it is time to go forwards on your compassionate visions that only you can offer the world. Do it for you first... and the energy will build where others can thrive from your offering - if that is your intention.
Mars going direct is important - this is a big shift - things will be able to start having more momentum (forwards - rather than reviewing the past as the planet spins) if our intention is to help in our planet's awakening - you will have LOTS of extra energy if you focus on the Water Grand Trine that instead of Venus has Chiron (Wounded Healer Asteroid) - together with Saturn (Responsible Authority) and Jupiter Wellness Growth).
If you seek to understand this Grand Cross energetics more: Venus is now with Uranus.. to calm with compassion the possible impulsive behavior.. so that it is free to be in time with synchronicity.. choosing in the moment - yet choosing from the heart. So - a square has 2 opposites:
Uranus (Sudden Changes) opposite Mars (Innovative Actions)
Jupiter (Expanded Growth) opposite Pluto (Deep Transformation) squares cause a need for action... and Grand Crosses cause a big action and in Cardinal... in ones who instigate change.. this is a big move forwards.. forwards to what? That is for each to decide. Know that the energy we put out now comes back in a big way because of this Cardinal Grand Cross and the calming Water Grand Trine... comes to sooth the conflicts with love's wisdom.

About Transparenting - the Soul Growth Astrology that I offer - or Transcendental Parenting - honoring: Inner Mother and Inner Father nurturing Inner Child - more on that at: www.transparenting.net/lifetools

Astrology can help with understanding ones character.. yet we always have free will and it is not your "assigned character" - so much as your lesson plan that YOU chose to fulfill this lifetime. And your ability to flow with the celestial changes allows for more possibilities to clear karma. And that is what we are here to do.. to continually grow in our awareness of who we is.. and what we can cocreate together. We have the opportunity to do many wonderful things to help where we can. You will find much of this information in a chart.. yet you can choose to stay limited.. for the love of another or the victim ideal you hold. There is a lot s shaking up that will happen in the outside world. To know we are more than this.. to know we will find a better way. This goes beyond Astrology - yet with this knowing Astrology comes alive. And it becomes Living Astrology - this is what Paz and I live... and teach... so that we can feel the celestial energetics viscerally.. and even act them out for fun... and better understandings. blessings.

Music Aliah Selah Producer Aliah Selah
Publisher Aliah Selah Performance Aliah Selah
Label Spiral On Productions

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