Your days are numbered

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Your days are numbered.

Song Length 3:28 Genre Rap - Gangsta, Rap - Hip Hop
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Your days are numbered--by Accuse


To all you fuckers
Your days are numbered
To all you suckers
Your days are numbered
I?m coming after you
Your days are numbered
I?m coming to burn you down
Your days are numbered

Rap 1
Yeah, I drop Accuse for all you suckers
I drop La Banks for all you mo! fuckers
Considered me a threat, now what you gonna do
?Cos I?m here and unstoppable
Yeah something ominous is on the loose
Ever since I was out of my mama?s womb
Mo! fuckers wanna cuff my moves
But with prayer, I always get my move
Now I?ve cooked something, Crazy! Crazy!
Who?s that fucker who wanna waylay me
To the left, to the right and to the center
Hear my war cry, I?ve come just to massacre


Rap 2

I?m coming live and direct to have a nice time
I?ve been thinking about the trip for such a long time
?Cos there are some kinds of human errors
That even fate, regards as stupid flaws
So like Socrates I have to plan my war
Double check on all the chances and all the odds
So when I get my move on I can?t be stopped
Folks, that?s why I?m a little late
But now, I?ve stepped right inside
To turn insiders into intruders
Sound the trumpet, wave the war flag
Accuse is about to smoke ya ass


Rap 3

Yeah, the king of games, they used to say
Han! Is still the game of the kings
And since God is the king of all kings
You can?t play me since you can?t play God
And I know that God doesn?t sell out
So he won?t sell me out to you suckers
So I choose to play my game by God?s rules
And always winning, because I?m God?s dude
Now I?m establishing supremacy
Against all odds, gaddemit!
Detonating wax like Van damn-it
Oh! No! Mo! fuckers shit is pending


Lyrics Dennis Banks Music Accuse
Producer Accuse Publisher Accuse La Banks
Performance Accuse Label Accuse La Banks
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