Approach me carefully (remix)

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Life is war!

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Approach me carefully!

Song Length 3:00 Genre Rap - Gangsta, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Composed Subject General


Accuse La Banks
Apache Papa 2.2

Approach me carefully (remix)
Music, lyrics & arrangement by Accuse La Banks

Approach me carefully
War! War! War! War!
Mo! Fuckers approach me carefully
War! War! War! War!

Rap 1
It takes a lot of stamina to stay focus
Enemies swarming over me like locust
I battle to wiggle through hold ups
Shit! Tested to the breaking point
But somehow I broke the evil deadlock
Overcome all odds, I thank Oh Lord
For giving me reason to smile
These mo! Fuckers wanna see, tears in my eyes
To all the so called friends and families
Sons of bitches ain't nothin' but enemies
I put my life on the line for these fuckers!
All I get is back stab from these suckers!
Father fuck you all mo! Fuckers


Rap 2
I'm half high now, but I'm still smoking
In meditation chamber, I'm scoping
Plotting payback, Lord I ain't joking
With deadly grin, damn I'm cold coding
Rebel's gonna return fire
The life of hide and seek is gonna be ya nightmare
I ain't letting ya having ya way with me
They complaining, that I walk too proud
Mo! Fuckers that's sex appeal
They can't stand it 'cos I've got extra skills
So they wanna ruin all that I believe in
Damn! You all Mo! Fuckers
I ma' wave through ya'll like seismic


Rap 3
I'm going out, just to make more enemies
No more friends better make more enemies
Suckers wanna put me where they want me
I see grave yards for these dummies
You think you're a fucker, you think you know shit
You've not seen it all until you've seen me
I ma' drag you into a war that you can't win
Watching you getting fucked up from the entrance
Find out, try step near me
Yeah, from asterisks to asterisks
By the time ya'll start bending
I ma' be the only nigga still standing
No matter how the game is demanding


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