Apache Papa 2.2

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Fight it out all over again! And again! And again! And again! The only choice left, is to win it! So fight on untill you win it!

Song Length 3:00 Genre Rap - Gangsta, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial Subject General, Ghetto, Barrio
Similar Artists Dr. Dre, Ice-T Era 2000 and later


Accuse La Banks--Apache papa
Music, lyrics & arrangement by Accuse La Banks

I jam on (Yeah, blow da horns like Apache)
Apache papa wanna sing about it
I jam on (Yeah, blow da horns like Apache)
Apache mama won't you sing about it

Rap 1
Hmm! The smell of war, turns me on like a psycho
My battle field scenario
Is part scandal, part hero
We can make shit happen like in rodeo
If you think, you're a fiend for ill shows
Let's trade, game for game, make my day
Apache papa, coming to play, let's play
I'm lifting things, uplifting things
With bad, intentions I'm closing in
Straight from the city of gold diggers
Bootleggers, junky drug dealers
Desperado coming through the ill nigger
I protrude, body build, voice like Zeus
Any fucker stepping up is ass is due


Rap 2
Hmm! It's me again, that same OG!
The same G! You don't wanna see
Over here provoking stampede
Yeah, I just came back to take back
Fucker, to take back what you own me
Some say that I'm a murderer
Well, some say that I'm an holy man
Some haters believe I won't get far
Me the old master, Apache papa
Fuck that, now I'm the air marshal
Smoking ganja here with queen Pashal
Yeah, my name still stays heavyweight
Code name is DB, zodiac sign is Capricorn
I've got horns, for any fucker who wants some


Rap 3
Yeah, any tune I drop, is a baby maker
My grooves remain a bone shaker
Since old school, I've been a major headache
And till now, I'm still your major headache
Emotions' still high like first birthday
With broken fingers, I still pray on
With broken heart, I still rave on
Unquenched appetite got me steaming
You plotting shit on how to stop me?
Please, don't risk injury
Remember you came to life screaming
If you want, I can send ya back screaming
I'm on fire, you don't wanna fuck up
Niggaz, you don't wanna piss me off


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