Baby let me roll

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Love song!

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Love song!

Song Length 3:34 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Cool Subject General, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Ll Cool J, Dr. Dre Language English
Era 2000 and later


Accuse La Banks
Apache Papa 2.2

Baby let me roll
Music, lyrics & arrangement by Accuse La Banks

I love your body by the way you got it laced
Cannot let you go I beg you baby let me roll
I love your body by the way you carrying it
Cannot let you go I beg you baby let me roll

Rap 1
It's the way you move, it's the way you groove
It's all about your crazy cool attitude, hmm!
What I've gotta do to get to you
What I've gotta say to make you say I'll do
I saw you first on fashion TV
Half nude, looking freaky cool
Hey sexy new age Jezebel
As I calibrate, you're my model
No more financial embarrassments
For you my baby I've got boodle
Mama check me out I've got caboodle
For what I want, I pay well, I dig you


Rap 2
Universal appeal how do you do
Mother of love how do you do
Greetings, your body nets profits
Profile like an ancient graffiti
Erotica the way you lacing it
Radical the manner you carrying it
For sure, you got the world stand still
Yeah, I've just survived my last stroke
You don't wanna know what could that mean
So I'm gonna need your hands around me
Your slender bones to wrap around me
Holler, lets get the game rolling


Rap 3
I've got you installed right here on my mind
And every passing day it's getting optimized
I'm going out to bring home the glories
And I'm gonna need you to celebrate with me
To seal the victory with your lovely kisses
Bunch of beauty loving you runs me over
Can't wait to share with you ambrosia
Treat and toast ya, Bentley coup ya coast sides
On the radio it's all about you chrome styles
Your lounging is all about the coziest
Baby, I'm high society
I'm a good sperm sample come and test me

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