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Love song

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Love song

Song Length 3:40 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Gangsta
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Cool Subject General, General
Similar Artists Ll Cool J, Timbaland Language English
Era 2000 and later


Accuse La Banks
Apache Papa 2.2

Listen baby.
Music, lyrics & arrangement by Accuse La Banks

Listen baby!
You've got that killer type of ego
The reason a man can't let go
Can not wait for your love

Rap 1
The joy of pleasing ya overshadows me like midnight
Irresistible, you got me pinned tight
I see me in you and I just can't let go
Ocean bird, looking damn pianissimo
I've got shit you don't wanna miss
Wanna treat you to things beyond reason
They say that days will bring to your doorsteps
What you deserve, what you long to preserve
Baby that time now is the moment
Hook it up you're the link that is missing
That I'm missing, please don't go dissing
I've got love for your heart please don't jinx it


Rap 2
Every move you make is activating something
Somehow you've got a brother fantasizing
On you about some quality times
Daydreaming steady fading into night dreams
Night dreams making brother having wet dreams
Like a cloud you overshadow all my senses
I'm about to damn the nemesis
I've gotta have it, flip it, wet the edges
Squeeze in the joystick, pump in some milky juices
Juice in excess, body fluid in extent
The time well share girl will all worth it
For the feelings I have for you girl, I'll make it worth it


Rap 3
Love fever, from the torment of inner feelings
Feeling is all I've got for you ma
Not just the kind of man in your life
That's matter but the kind of life in your man
The type that knows what a woman wants
The type that has got what you need in tons
Baby I'm not here to fool you
This is not a debate, I'm not here to school you
I just wanna show you what I have in store
Common please try to see through
Try to read between the lines and you'll see me
Like I see you, this love it's time to seal it
(You got me thinking 'bout the ways
I'm gonna make you mine
You got me thinking 'bout the day
You gonna be all mine)


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