It's all waiting

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Love song!

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Love song!

Song Length 3:23 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, Cool Subject Relationship, General
Similar Artists Ll Cool J, Dr. Dre Language English
Era 2000 and later


Accuse La Banks
Apache Papa 2.2

It's all waiting.
Music, lyrics & arrangement by Accuse La Banks

It's all waiting for you it's all waiting
Come and get it my love it's all waiting

Rap 1
It's breathtaking the love I have waiting
It's all glory the opening ceremony
To all my other ladies I'm hearth breaking
The way I'm feeling you ma is mind blowing
I ain't joking without you I ain't going
150 miles of space is all waiting
You're not lonely my kingdom is overflowing
Everything is in place just for you to run it
People that are gonna serve you they all waiting
To get you job done, they all waiting
It's all classy girl you can't ignore it
Anything you want babe I'm just paying


Rap 2
The way you got me feeling is nerve aching
Let's get going your dream is all waiting
Tell me you're ready babe and we're fast laning
The crib is waiting, private jets are waiting
I'm from a place where the people love balling
How much you gonna spend girl I ain't shaking
It's the king's way watching my queen balling
Like bees we fly in the mall and just burn it
Cheese is nothing, your love is all I need
As long as it's real I'm all on it
I've got beds that are good for love making
My kingdom is large enough to raise babies


Rap 3
Your dinner is ready, Champaign is all waiting
To keep the fun going, chefs are all waiting
The way we gonna rock girl is breathtaking
Anything you want girl just name it
I wanna show you a love that is groundbreaking
Talk about security level, it's all safety
On a global picture it's all figured
Radars are all connecting, you're safe with me
Overwhelming lifestyle is all waiting
The way you long for it girl, it's all waiting
It's all waiting won't you come and get it
A love that's breathtaking is all waiting


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