Mind Over Matter

Story Behind The Song

The human intellect is the crown of creation.

Song Description

The mind, the human intellect, is not matter, yet all matter is subject to rule by the mind.

Song Length 4:54 Genre New Age - Contemporary, New Age - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Serene, Cool Subject Hope, Encouragement
Similar Artists Natalie Cole, James Ingram Language English
Era 2000 and later


Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter
Knowledge over your fears
Love over hatred
Will brighten up your years

And joy over sadness
Laughter over your tears
Mind over matter
Is really why we're here

To love for others what you love for yourself
Peace unto your neighbor and everybody else
Special kindness for old folks
And patience with the young
Mind over matter when all is said and done

Mind over matter
To rise above it all
At your destination
To rise each time you fall

Special kindness for old folks
And patience with the young
Yes its mind over matter
When all is said and done
When all is said and done

Mind over matter...

Copyright ©2008 by Bilal Yasin El-Amin
CD "Mind Over Matter"
All rights reserved

enjoyable song......well balanced production.....i think it's New Age more than anything

Lyrics Bilal Yasin El-Amin Music Bilal Yasin El-Amin
Producer Bilal Yasin El-Amin Publisher Bilal Yasin El-Amin
Performance Bilal Yasin El-Amin Label The Propagation Congregation
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