Introducing The Propagation Congregation (TPC): To propagate means to spread the good news. A congregation is three or more people who have come together to worship G-d. The worship of G-d includes any good deed that benefits mankind and pleases G-d.

The Propagation Congregation as an institution is a nonprofit corporation established December 1986. The Propagation Congregation works with other organizations and individuals to carry out its missions, one of which is to spread the good news through positive and uplifting music. TPC consists of different people at different times, involved in different activities, depending on the mission at that time.

The Propagation Congregation, in this instance, consists of the following individuals:

Bilal Yasin El-Amin - songwriter, lead vocals, background vocals

Shadee Mahdi - keyboards, background vocals, arrangements

Stan Scott - guitar

Lamont Menefield - guitar

Dave Brown - percussion, engineer

The Propagation Congregation

I am a writer by nature. I am an auditor by training. An auditor has to be a writer because the product of an audit is a written audit report. Songwriting is a relief and release from writing and reading audit reports.

Songwriting allows creativity, imagination and intuition, whereas writing audit reports provides little opportunity for use of these innate tools.

Songwriting is therapeutic and medicinal. Songwriting allows me to take an ordinary memory, idea or experience and grow it into an extraordinary flower or fruit that did not exist before. Each song is a fetus growth that ought not to be birthed until it is reasonably developed as a self survivable story-child, having a life of its own.

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Thanks for tuning in...
Bilal Yasin El-Amin
The Propagation Congregation


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