Biker's Blues

Story Behind The Song

A biker who just LOVES to ride his bike and invites others to share this experience.

Song Length 3:24 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood On Cloud Nine, Pleasant Subject Freedom, Pride
Language English Era 2000 and later


Biker's Blues

The smell of fuel
and blazing steel
heavy metal thunder
freedom on wheels.

Smooth leather jacket,
cool to the skin.
When I fire up this engine
I'll be gone with the wind!

Cause when I'm shifting into gear
it's music to my ears
and I disappear!

Don't need no drugs
to get me what I need
I know the ultimate high
is out there on the streets.

The roaring sound of freedom
I'm a power slave
fueled with motor madness
until the end of my days

'Cause when I'm shifting into gear
it's music to my ears
and I disappear!

My BMW takes me
wherever I want to go
My BMW has proven
the safest on the road!

Stronger than a stallion
gentle as a mare
This iron horse will take me - anywhere!

So what do ya say
why not come along with me?
Feel the ultimate motorbike
growl beneath your knees.

Have a taste of freedom
you've never known before
and when this virus hits you
it's something you can't ignore.

'Cause when I'm shifting into gear
it's music to my ears
and I disappear!

I like the Car ideas

Rockin those on the road on my bad ass BMW again blues, what's not to like.

I really liked the intro, with the engine sounds and then the guitar solo. Overall sound quality was real good, and the performance and recording also were very good. The singer sings with confidence, it seems to me, which is of course important, and the lyrics are entertaining and well put together.

I have performed at many a Daytona Bike Week and this is right up the alley for those folks. Love the sound effects, especially that "slurp" on the end. Perfect for the bike crowd or anyone who wishes they were in the bike crowd, ha ha!

I like that classic blues rock sound. Nice bridge. I like the stops.

Lyrics Till / B.R.Zuidema Music Till
Producer Till Publisher Till
Performance Till / B.R.Zuidema Label Till
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